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Morning Breakfast – Food Art

Items used 🙂

Sun – Carrot
Birds – For wings I used the skin of blueberry and body is egg white.
Fish – For body i used egg yolk…For eyes – white background with egg white and black is the tiniest portion of a blackberry….lips and tail are with carrots.
Bubbles – green peas
Tulips are with corn and the stem is the stem of broccoli 🙂
Green – Broccoli
some orange stones 🙂



St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day!
(Made of Chappathi,green apple, blueberry,carrot, green peas, orange,strawberry, rice and grapes.)

StPatrick's Day.jpg

Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day!

(Made of strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, apple, green grapes, red grapes , broccoli and chappathi.)

Women's Day

Christmas Countdown – Day 25

Nativity scene – made up of rice, chicken, orange, black grapes, blueberry, apple, green aPple skin colored blue with food color, broccoli,corn,carrot , powdered sugar,celery and strawberry. #christmascountdown #SindhusKitchen


Christmas Countdown – Day 24

Gift wrap – gift is made up of rice, chicken and veges, wrapper is an omelette and decorated with strawberry bow. #christmascountdown #SindhusKitchen


Christmas Countdown – Day 23

Christmas wreath and a candle made with Banana, rice, chicken, grapes, kiwi , green beans,strawberry,carrot and corn.

#christmascountdown #SindhusKitchen


Christmas Countdown – Day 22

Polar bear with a fish – made with Apple, grapes, oranges, dried grapes, blueberry, vanilla yogurt, and chappathi.

#christmascountdown #SindhusKitchen


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